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Why We Started This Nonprofit

Another nonprofit. Really? Over the years I have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nonprofit is a business. Make no mistake about that. And there is nothing wrong with that. I for one am glad they are there. No matter what percentage of their donations they give, it is certainly more than would have been given if they weren't operating. So when a nonprofit has paid staff or fundraisers, it's ok. Don't judge. They all have a unique purpose. And they are needed badly. But we launched another nonprofit. I feel I need to explain why.
The State Of Our Missions

Most nonprofits are there for the right reasons. Most are important. But they are for the most part an unregulated group of businesses that are tax exempt. That will feed a frenzy of "wrong motives". But most are fantastic. Give freely, read their 990 form, and know their mission.

Our Promise

We will be at our post till we no longer can. Doing this right is our mission. If we see every penny, we will know who did what and when. We owe that to our donors. Our goal is 100%. In so many ways. Giving, budgeting, and caring. 

Passing Integrity To Our Kids

I want my life to make a difference. I'm the father of five, three boys, and two girls. My oldest son is a foreman at Toyota. He's been there 12 years. Never missed a day, never been late. My middle son is an Iraq War vet and an Afghanistan War vet. A real life hero. He's been injured and is an amazing man. My youngest son just became the family's first Eagle Scout. My oldest daughter has through faith and tenacity overcome more than any person I know, and is an amazing woman. Her husband in an Afghanistan War vet, and an amazing man. My youngest daughter is going to be a Gold Scout soon (like Eagle but for GSA). She's in BETA Club, lettered in academics and athletics.  None of this happens by accident. They are my resume.

I have over the years mentored other men. It has been a passion of mine to try to help men go right instead of left. When I die I want someone to say "He made a difference". My children are my real legacy. I have two left at home. Two more colleges to fund, and two more that will break our hearts when they leave. My wife and I are still puzzled about what we will do with ourselves. Our youngest is seventeen. I guess we will figure it out soon enough. Now you know a little about myself, my journey, my passion,  and my family. My world is one that I'd choose for anyone.

                                                                         Kenneth Stepp                                                                 
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       "The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty"
         By: Zig Ziglar 


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